About the Project

About the Project

The Lincoln Gap Wind Farm is a 59 wind turbine, with 10MW grid scale battery storage, project under development by Nexif Energy Australia Pty Ltd. The project is located approximately 15km to the west of Port Augusta. The site was located in 2004 by Wind Energy Solutions Pty Ltd who undertook the early development and submitted an Environmental Impact Statement in 2005. Development approval was granted in 2006 after which the site development continued.

Changes in wind turbine technology over time led to modifications of the wind farm layout and wind turbine height to 180m using 3.6MW Senvion wind turbines.

The project will connect to a 275kV grid line managed by ElectraNet, running to the south of the project.

The project reached financial close in November 2017 with commissioning scheduled for late 2018.




Where is Lincoln Gap located?

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How large is Lincoln Gap Wind Farm?

Lincoln Gap Wind Farm has approval for up to 59 wind turbines. We have selected 3.6MW Senvion wind turbines meaning the project can deliver 212 MW of power to the 275kV grid line managed by ElectraNet. The project will also have a 10MW grid scale battery storage (to be upgraded up to 30MW in the future).

Lincoln Gap is an ideal location for a wind farm. Situated far from any residences or communities, the site has an excellent wind resource, and great access to the grid. With a capacity factor of around 43%, the project should export over 800,000MWh/year and using the 10MW battery storage make a significant contribution to the renewable energy target while helping with grid stability and reliability.